Don't trust your largest investment to just anyone.

Whether your BUYING, SELLING or BUILDING, real estate is one of the largest investments that you'll ever make, so knowing how to get the biggest return on your investment should be top priority not only to you but to the Real Estate professional representing you.  I've been in the Real Estate industry since 2005.   I have had the opportunity to help hundreds of families realize the american dream.  I have worked with some very affluent builders so my building experience is valuable when considering building a home. 


My success in this industry has been by  my ability to listen, document, follow up and follow through. My objective is to set the right expectations, keep everyone on the same page, on budget and on time.  I begin every consultation by meeting with my clients at their home.  I want the environment to be one in which they are comfortable and can be themselves.  I learn a lot about how they live and why their moving.  I'm a stickler about details so I ask a lot of questions that prompt my client to really give thought to the details.  Then I explain in detail what this journey is going to look like.

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Brokerage: Blue J Realty

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