CHOOSING THE RIGHT BUILDER                                                                                                               

Choosing a reliable, quality home builder should be number one on your list when it comes to building a custom luxury home. You’ll be making many decisions during the home building process—paint colors, cabinet doors, tiles, etc.—but none of them will have a greater impact on your home’s outcome than the builder you choose. That’s why it’s essential to to find out how to choose a builder that delivers high-quality products and services.

At our first sit down meeting I will ask allot of detailed questions and based on your answers I will be able to partner you up with some custom builders to interview.

Three Qualities to Look for in a Custom Home Builder

There are three key qualities to look for when it comes to choosing a custom home builder:

  1. Trustworthiness – In general, building a new home is one of the biggest investments you will ever make—and when you choose to build a custom home, there are bound to be bumps along the way. One of the most important steps in how to choose a builder is determining if he is trustworthy because you want someone who is going to be working on your behalf. Your satisfaction should rank among the builder’s top priorities. When you contact your builder, you need to feel confident that he will give you a straight answer, and if there’s a problem, you need to be able to trust he will fix it.

  2. Competency – Can your builder meet your every need from the beginning of the custom home building process until the very end? Does the company have a talented and experienced design team that can create a home that perfectly reflects your lifestyle, tastes, and needs? Is the builder surrounded by an efficient and professional team that can respond to your questions and needs in a timely manner? All of these questions are incredibly important when it comes to determining the competency of your builder. When you’re building a custom home, you need to be sure he can expertly handle every step of custom home construction from start to finish.

  3. Reputation – Another important question to ask when determining how to choose a builder is whether or not the builder has a reputation for excellence in the community and the industry. Has the builder won any awards or received any good reviews among previous homeowners and within the industry? Is the builder a part of any nationally or locally recognized organizations for home building? Oftentimes, how the builder is perceived by the industry and previous homeowners can tell you a lot about how that company will be to work with.