I work with buyers, Realtors & Investors that are wanting more than just a custom home.  They are wanting a seamless experience with professionals that have a good understanding of what they want.

Builders refer their BOYL buyers  so that I can help manage their process.

My experience in this industry has been that buyers can be unrealistic in what they can and cannot get for what they are wanting to spend and no one wants to lose the deal because of unrealistic expectations or over promising and under delivering.  All this can be avoided by setting the right expectations from the very beginning.  My value is the experience that I bring having worked with hundreds of families that have built homes and I have managed their process successfully.  

If you are a builder that wished to be included as one of my preferred builders I will need the following listed below.   

Builder Expectations:

  • I work with only pre-qualified buyers.  I have to be able to talk to the lender to ensure that we are all on the same page with what their true $$ number is.

  • I only work with quality builders that can provide a solid feature sheet that is clear to all parties as to what is included in their price per square foot and allowances.

  • What are the clients financial obligations from deposit to draws.

  • Builder must be able to turn a price request quickly (2-4 days)

  • I must have a clear understanding of your processes and timeframes

  • Vendor list with contact number & address

  • What is the cost of using your architect or home designer?

  • Are you a true custom home builder or will you only work off your own plans with tweaking?

If you do not have clear processes in place, I am available to assist you in putting some into place as a consultant.