Frequently Asked Questions


Q- What is your job as concierge?

A- My success in this industry has been by facilitating the building process so that all parties are kept on the same page, on budget and on time.  

Q- We already have a Realtor so how does that work with your service?

A- Realtors refer their Build On Your Lot clients to me to help them find the right builder. The custom home process is different than buying a resale or even building a production home.  Realtors appreciate the help of an experienced person they can trust to help their clients get through the custom home process.  Your Realtor and I share the same goal (We have your best interest at heart). 

Q- There are so many things to consider.  Where do we start?

A- If you are serious about building a custom home my advice is to start with meeting with a lender first, lot second, architect/home designer, interviewing builders, making exterior/interior selections, then watching it all built in front of you.

Q- I don't own a lot yet but I'm ready to start working on the design of our home.

A- The design of your home starts with already having the lot survey.  The architect/home designer will design your home with the specifications of the lot.  It's better to wait on designing your plan until you have the lot.  This will save the expense of having to redraw them.

Q- We want to buy a lot but don't know how to go about it.

A- I can help with the search and negotiation of the purchase of your lot. I will begin by asking you a lot of questions that will help guide us as to what type of lot is best for you.

Q- Now that we own the lot what is our next step?

A- I suggest the next step to be with working with an architect/home designer to get your designs drawn up.  Any builder you interview can then quote you a price per square foot based on your plans and your finishes.

Q- The builder said that their architect/home designer would draw up the plans as part of their service.

A- If you already know that this is the builder that you are going with and are not going to shop other builders, working with their architect/home designer is not a problem but be sure that if you go this route and change your mind about not using this builder then the plans that you created with them are not yours to keep therefore you have to start over.


Q- Now that we have our plans we've interviewed a couple of builders and they keep talking about price per square foot.  How is this price generated? 

A- Some builders will have a feature sheet of what they offer in their price per square foot then whatever you select over that will raise your price per square foot. 

Q- How do we make selections for our home?  

A- This all depends on the builder you have chosen.  Some builders work with multiple vendors throughout town and will schedule appointments for you to go and make your selections based on allowances.  Some builders have their own design centers where it's more convenient to go to one place and make your selections working with their designer. 

Q- How long does it take to build a custom home?

A- That's a loaded question.  There are so many variables such as weather delays, but in my experience it's usually the buyer that holds up the process by being indecisive.  There is a cost to changing your mind during the process.

Q- How much of my time will it take to build a custom home?

A- I have clients that are onsite everyday then I have customers that want to be kept in the loop on a weekly basis.  

Q- What can we expect during the construction process?

A- You have to remember that this is a man made product and it's being built right in front of you so you will see all of the things that go wrong but I can assure you that these items get corrected along the way.  I require weekly phone updates from the builder and my clients to keep them updated on the progress and this allows my client to ask questions or address any concerns.

Q- Is there anything that explains what we can expect during the building process?

A- Yes, I have put together a 4 page document that breaks down the process.  Feel free to email me at 

Q- How much does it cost to hire you to be our custom home concierge?  

A- My fee is paid by the home builder. Most builders have a budget set aside for Realtors or services such as mine.