Buying or Selling a home?

My clients have all heard me say "LET'S TALK ABOUT THE GOOD, BAD & UGLY" before we get started.  My success in this industry has been by earning my clients respect by simply being honest, listening & looking out for their best interest by only working with the facts.  

For most of us,  our home is one of the largest investments we make and there are allot of variables that we need to consider when buying or selling a home. 


 Why use me and not your Realtor friend?   When you use a personal friend to list your home,  it may be difficult for them to be objective in the ugly conversations that needs to happen for fear of hurting your feelings and by not getting the facts you could be compromising the biggest return on your investment. Real estate requires hard truths, allot of time management, strong negotiations, follow up and follow thru.



THE BAD & UGLY OF LISTING YOUR HOME:  I am  the owner of  Staged & Dressed To Sell  .We offer all of our sellers a FREE on site staging consultation.  Every clients home is special to them because they look at their home not with their eyes but with their heart.  This is the home where you've raised your family, where you sit at your kitchen table surrounded by the people you love.  When I look at your home home I need to really "Look at your home", I need to see it through the eyes of TO DAYS consumer, we have to dig into the community, the schools, what the market says your home is worth and why would someone buy yours when there are 3 others for sale on your street?   Let's talk about the stuff that should get done prior to listing your home. CLICK ON THIS LINK TO SEE BEFORE AND AFTER OF A RESALE HOME WE ASSISTED WITH.

  • Contact your  current mortgage company for a PAYOFF amount. 

  • Let's talk about the ugly wall paper that needs to come down

  • Those brass fixtures that date a home

  • The house smells like cooking oil, or pet urine

  • Some of the furniture needs to be moved into the garage or rearranged

  • The drapes need to be taken down 

  • The house needs to be cleaned AND stay cleaned while on the market 

  • When they call you to schedule a showing YOU HAVE TO ALWAYS SHOW 

  • The schools you're zoned to are not good schools anymore due to zoning

  • The neighborhood has just not held it's value

  • You want to list your home at an unrealistic price to see who will bite and waste the first best 45 days of the listing

  • We have a solid offer then the home does not appraise 

  • The inspection report is not what you had hoped it would be.  House needs allot of repairs​​

  • We can recommend reputable vendors to help with power washing, landscaping, painting, etc...

  • Open house on weekends.  We market the home on social media, area directional signs, broker open houses​


​THE GOOD, BAD & UGLY OF PURCHASING A HOME: The only way to purchase a home is by what your lender says you're approved for coupled with realistic expectations of what is available to you in that price range.  My job is to get you the most for not only today's investment but we have to again dig deeper and ensure that the community, schools and run the comps to be sure that your offer in inline with what the market says that home is worth today and will it hold it's value for the future.

  • ​Start with your lender first.  We require a pre qualification from your lender so that we're all working toward the same goal

  • We will sit down and create your wish list.  We will write down your desires prior to your home search 

  • Together we will go over the homes that fit your specifications whether resale or new construction

  • I will take you to see as many homes as you would like to see.   I do not show pending homes

  • I will guide you thru all of the necessary paperwork and inspections

  • I am with you at all important meetings

  • I keep you updated every week on the progress of your home