Attention Realtors - I work for you

Most of my clients are Realtors that understand that working with a client that wants to build on their own lot takes ALLOT of time.  In the time it takes a Realtor to get what I already do done, they have spent so much time on ONE client and had they just used my services they could spend more time with more clients.  Time is money.


How my service works for Realtors:


How much does this cost me?

I work on a referral fee of 1% of your commission. The builder pays you your standard 3% commission.  We sign an agreement between brokers and a referral form.   This will always be your client,  I am simply providing your client with the concierge service.

What do you do for the 1% fee?

  1. I start by interviewing your client.  It is critical that I ask all the right questions so that I can manage their process and expectations.

  2. Help your client get pre-qualified (I work with  multiple lenders that provide many types of financing).

  3. Interview builders - not every builder will work with every buyer.  I will use the information that I received from the buyer to determine which builders are the best fit for them and their scope of work.

  4. Architect/Home designers - Depending on what your clients desires are for layout & elevation will determine which architect or home designer we will interview.

  5. Design center/Vendor previews - I will put together an itinerary with appointments of all of the vendors that need to be visited.  I will join them for these visits to be sure that we are realistic in their selections with the price point that they have been pre-qualified for. 

  6. Builder contract - Your name goes on the builder contract.  This is the one of the visits that will be mandatory that you are present at for signature. 

  7. There are 2 meetings that are mandatory that you be present at:  At contract for signature and at the pre-construction meeting.  This pre-construction meeting is to go over all of their selections prior to the home beginning.  

  8. My last appointment with your client is at the pre-construction meeting.  After this meeting you will be responsible for following up with the builder & buyer for updates through the remainder of the building process.  


What can I expect during this process?

You have to understand that this is a lengthy process. Most of the time the buyer over thinks this process and it's my job to over communicate what is involved during each step.  From the moment you and I sign off on the referral agreement your client is now my responsibility to get them through the process until they get to contract.  It will be my job to keep you informed at every stage.  I will work directly with the buyer and their schedule to schedule appointments with builders, architects & vendors and I will send you a calendar request so that you know what your client is doing.  If you cannot make the appointment which most Realtors don't, it allows you an opportunity to follow up with them so that they know you are still very  much a part of what's going on in their process.  

How do you keep all of this data so that myself and my buyer have access to it?

I have a web based portal that keeps everything that goes into your clients real time file.  For example:  There are folders that will hold their documents such as: survey, contract, hoa documents, builder guidelines, design center, low voltage, master blueprints, inspirational photos, etc.  It also has a comments section in there where I keep all communications there so that you can log in anytime and see what I have discussed with your buyer.  

If you have any additional questions please do not hesitate to reach out to me:

Via cell at 832-642-4200 or email me at