Staging your home

Staging  your home can help you get the biggest return on your investment.


Some times it's not easy hearing what really needs to get done in order to get your home sold.  Our homes are suppose to be decorated and lived in as we see fit.  However, when it comes time to sell it, you have to get into the shoes of the buyer. 


When a buyer makes a home purchase it's based on 3 main things: What they SEE, SMELL and FEEL. 

Our objective is to advise you on what needs to be packed, organized and cleaned in order for you to sell your home faster and possibly get asking price.


We look forward to working with you and being a part of helping you get the biggest return on your investment.




The Pink Dot consultation basically consists of YOU  & I walking both the exterior and interior of your home.   PINK DOTS will be placed on everything that must either be packed, trashed or donated.  Basically the PINK DOT item cannot stay in its present location.

After the consultation you will receive a detailed report with pictures and consultation advice.  It’s basically a recap of what we went over with you and your TO DO list. 

I will ask for an estimated completion date of when you can have your TO DO list complete.  

Items we go over during your PINK DOT walk:  

  • Exterior: (Curb appeal - walk ways, drive way, what does your actual front door look like)

  • Interior: We walk every room in the house with ​you.

    • We advise on the following:

      • Is your furniture in the best layout to showcase your space​ and what to move where

      • Pictures on the wall or wall hangings

      • Accessories too much or too little

      • Color on walls or necessary paint touch up 

      • Flooring & carpet condition

      • What to pack

      • Inside of all cabinets and drawers

      • Inside of all linen and clothes closets

      • What the overall home smells like

      • The appearance of windows both inside and out

      • Lighting throughout the home

Before pics
After pics