Your lot

The first phase of choosing the ideal lot for your new home is to decide where you want to live. Whether you dream of living in the center of town or in the country, it’s important to consider what the neighborhood will offer and how that will impact your daily life.  Start by identifying the most important aspects of your life and routine. Do you have school-aged children? Do you drive to work? What are your space needs? Etc.

A critical detail is to get all of the  information about the covenants, conditions and restrictions (CC&Rs) and the Home Owners Association (HOA). There may be rules and regulations that hugely impact the ability for you to build the home you want.  There may also be fees and benefits that impact your decision to purchase the lot.

I recommend asking a builder to walk the property with you before you make the purchase. If you haven’t selected your builder or architect yet, you can still ask one to help guide you. We have helped many people understand the property they are purchasing without being the designated, contractual builder.